My Life…

..though filled with many loving people has been mostly a trip taken alone and on my own. Although not to everyone’s taste…this blog’s creation is twofold. I mean for it to help those who may have questions about addiction and the life that brings with it..or simply for those who fancy a look see. At the same may be just the venue I need to go back and search for clues as to my present state of being.

I love much about this life I’ve been given, many would say I’ve lived a sad life..indeed..some have said it. My mother being one..and we are very close, yet she doesn’t see it like I do. Well of course not. I suppose her vision for me was not one of addiction..and who can begrudge her that.

Not I.

If I’d had children I would not have not wished them a life on drugs either.

I certainly wouldn’t call it ‘sad’..different from the norm most definitely..but not boo hoo sad.

As I was saying I’ve been blessed with love in my life..although I myself can honestly say..I’ve not yet found ‘the one.’ Make no mistake..I love the people in my life who are dear to me..without a doubt..but I speak here of a ’soulmate,’ another human kind who understands my deepest places, fears..joys and all the insanity in between. You know..that shadow of the ’self’ one who needs no explanation..words..acceptance or to be accepted..because all is already a given.

And maybe they are not ours to find during every lifetime…maybe they come but every once in a great while. If so..I am content to diddle..doodle & daddle through this one (not necessarily in that order either) and wait until the next time the stars in the heavens align in my favor, throwing us into one another’s path.

So this life of all its splendor..dysfunction and highness..will be the gist of my writings here. I’ve reached a place where I’ve a need to seriously examine what sun-set I want to be heading towards in the second half of my life. Now..I ‘assume’ it’s the second half of my life because everything has suddenly become harder physically and more profound mentally. As well I’ll hit mid-life (50) next year. Truly I’m being just a tad presumptuous as I suppose I could drop dead like anyone else at any given time. So really the second half of my life would have begun when I was 25 or there abouts..but I for the purposes of this mission..I‘ll ‘assume’ I’ve a few more years to go yet.

If you should happen upon this blog..have a read..take my temporary hand if you dare..I don’t bite..not on a first read. Ask what you will..and enjoy the ride.

Mary Blackchurch

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  1. Babsbitchin Said:



  2. wys Said:

    Hey Mary. I’m glad you liked it. I thought it was a beautiful version too. Sorry you couldn’t leave a comment – lol. I turned it off in the very beginning, but I’ve been thinking lately that I should turn it on. I’ve met some neat people blogging, and it’s kind of unfair of me to have it turned off. Maybe you’ve just given me that little push I need to cut it on.

    And yes — I love birds! I’ve been a bird watcher all my life and find so much peace in that hobby. I think you would love it! All you need to get started is a bird feeder and some black oil sunflower seeds and — if you want to learn to identify them — a birding identification book for your area.

    You have a great weekend, and I hope to see you soon again.


  3. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Wisteria I’ve looked and looked for a place to post acomment in your blogs..but alas none are to be found. Am I missing something here…let me know what it is if you have a chance.

    Love the version of “Old Rugged Cross” one of my favorites too…beautiful. I hope you soon find the joy of playing again..this planet needs all the soul music it can get.


  4. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Wow thanks much for the comments all..Babs you classy doll do have a far reach. :O) I’m not used to posting on blogger..usually do at hey so far I’m digging your humor’s and takes on life in all aits much as I’ve read at Babs’ bloghome anyway. Will be visiting each and everyone of ya.

    Until then
    later gators.

    Oh cometh from Dallas after over 5 years of not seeing him I freak but just a tad!!!!! Okay fess up time..I freak alot. The house is a right mess..last I heard he still had an allergy to cats (I have 7) HA.. and I was just about to lay a coat or 2 of paint on this here tabacco stained please..if you care even a little bit..pray pray pray for me.

    And again..danke danke.

  5. Babsbitchin Said:

    Well Ms.Mary Blackchurch, how are ya? Your name sounds like something I would use when I forged scripts in the 80’s and 90’s, I like it. It has a ring of mischief. Is that your real name? When I publish my book, it’ll be under Georgia Blackwell,ssssssshhhhh, don’t tell anybody. I used that name on thousands of scripts up and down the eastern seaboard.So, how many bags ya up to? Been there done that, in case you didn’t know that.Well, I’m just sitting here, nite off and having a Vodka and Iced Tea my famous mock version of the real Long Island Iced Tea. But it’s so appropriate, my life has always been mock in one form or another. Stop and see me again and let me know how ya are,really!!

  6. Chuck Said:

    same here, found you through babs, i think her reach is spreading. enjoyed the post. take care.

  7. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Hi Wisteria (love the name) and a pleasure to meet you too. Yes saw your post too and was thrilled to learn I’d made the bird..I must’ve searched for 2 hours (at least). Enjoyed it thoroughly! I take it from your post your’e a bird lover & watcher…here here..something I am thinking of taking up myself soon. They are interesting creature’s are they not.

    Sorry about not being able to get through to the other’s strange though..because I haven’t set it up so people have to register before they post. Is that what you meant? Will check it out.

    Here’s the addy if you meant you couldn’t get through to the blog itself:

    Talk with you soon Wisteria…and thanks for stopping by.


  8. wys Said:

    Hi Mary. It’s nice to meet you. I have met you through a comment you left at Bab’s site (on her post about birds; the yellow crowned night heron.) Thought I’d drop by your blog and say hello. I tried to get to your other blog, but apparently I haven’t registered to that site yet (but I will.)

    You take care, and keep blogging.

    Wisteria, AKA Shad Catcher

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