A Quickie

As some may know I’ve been graced with my father’s presence after not having seen him in 5 years. At 74, he actually got into his candy apple red Ford ‘yee-ha’ pick-up truck and drove the 2 thousand plus miles from Dallas to Montreal in 2 days. Wild man that he is (though not usually), and what did he get for his efforts? A blocked uretha from driving almost straight through and waiting too long to pee during the trip..or so said the Asian Canadian emergency room doctor on duty that night. After hooking him up to a catheter to drain his bladder..and giving him 3 days of anti-biotics…with instructions to have his prostrate checked as soon as he got back home to Dallas..all is well is the parental wonderland again (for now.)

It’s great that he’s here as we’ve not spent much time together in my adult (hehe) life..but hard too as I’m not so used to having someone around me all the time. Still I’d best hush cause I realise I’m lucky to have my parents at all.

Just a quick update like the title says..since Dad’s been here I don’t have the time I’m used to having re: my pc habits..hoping too have this day all to myself so I can catch up on my pc–ing and do a little hit of writing. excuse the slip


Cold turkey off of opiates in one thing…but let me tell ya..detoxing off of the computer is quite another.

It may even have the white stuff beat


Later gators..


  1. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Baabsy..oh yea girl I do know that one…real good..too good..Major power & props to you for cutting it outta your life..gives me hope. It’s always a love/hate thing with them isn’t it. And it’s so weird how it can accompany one through life as if it were the most normal thing..only it isn’t.

  2. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Hey Wisteria..thanks for stopping by and hope you made it in without being late..or too late anyway. *smile*

    LQQking forward to your comments being on one day…it’s so hard reading something good..then not being able too ya know.

    Maybe you’ll tell me about the ‘no comments’ thing when you have more time…am sure there’s a good reason for it.

    Hope your day so far has been an excellent one..talk at ya soon.

  3. wys Said:

    Hey Mary! This is going to be a hit and run cuz I’m running late and can’t stay, but I wanted to say “HEY” before I head out! I’ll catch up to you soon. Good to see you up!

    And uh, no – lol, I’m still “getting off” without comments “on” on my getting off blog. There’s a reason behind em “off” (a good one) but I’m gonna cut em on — one of these days 🙂 yeah I am.

    You have a great day, and I’ll see you soon!

  4. Babsbitchin Said:

    Cold turkey off of opiates is fucking hell. I did it three times and the last was in 98 when I went to jail and had no choice. Fuck, I loved heroin but it sure hated me, ya know!

  5. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Lol..it is hard isn’t it.

    Thanks much Wisteria..am finally ( I think…I hope..I pray) over this whatever it was. Talk about paranoia..was even down to thinking I was being slowly poisoned..weird weird illness. In that I’ve never been so nauseated without reason.

    Ah well I sit here today without a puke in sight..glory glory.

    How be you fine lady..and have you decided to allow comments..sure wish you would…and I’m not the only one.

    How right you are…these are the best of times.

    Dad’s doing fine and his visit was uplifting..I think I have him convinced on coming back to home base for good. Fingers crossed.

    And how are your dear parents?


  6. wys Said:

    Hi Mary! I was just cruising some of my favorite blog links, and I just wanted to say hi to you!

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad and his illness. I hope he’s doing OK. Coming from the standpoint of having taken care of my parents these past two years (and having once been strung out and putting them through worse the hell) I have to say that I think you all (you and your parents) are being given the best thing right now that perhaps you’ve ever been given — and that would be each other. It will come back to you ten fold!

    And yes, I agree wholeheartedly — kicking the PC is worse!

    Take care of yourself.

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