I have done nothing but..

stuff my face all day..which thank the powers that be is a sure sign this mystery illness..See Here.. has officially vamoosed (I hope) outta my grateful yet burned out system. And none too soon either as I’ve groan (yes typo intended) way weary of listening to my own moaning. God awful shit I tell ya. Anyway I ate like I hadn’t eaten in over a week..which in reality was the case…literally inhaling my food. I had this mad craving for scrambled eggs..white toast and butter..ice-cold milk and chicken drenched in President Choices ‘Memories of Thailand’ fiery chili pepper sauce. F%ck it was good..and f%ck what weird creatures we human beings and be-alls are, bizarre appetites to be sure. I have heard many stories of hunger from my mother who made it through WW II..yet until this past week I had no real appreciation (if that’s what to call it) or physical concept of it. Today I did..for the first time I knew what it felt like to crave nutrients so much..chewing my food was of no concern..nor taste..just getting it in and getting it to stay down was satisfaction enough. Right I said I’d quit with the illness right. Oakie dokie then. Read & caught up on a few fav blogs today and was also greatly cheered from reading Baabs O’ Bitchen’s blog..if you haven’t yet you simply must give it a lQQk see. Of particular humor to me on this day was this post from Baabs about her french teacher extraordinaire ‘Frog with a Blog,’ what a hoot..a HOOT. Made me laugh and I live in a french world/area myself…okay okay so it’s on this side of the world and not the ‘real’ thing. Still. Speaking of French. We have what’s now known as Franglish/Franglais here in Quebec & the rest of english speaking Canada. It’s of course a combination of english & french that serves many purposes and satisfies to some extent anyway…the need of both cultures to have their language imposed..in whatever way possible..on the other. So let’s say for example one could hear while walking down any given street in Montreal expressions like ‘le parti,’ ‘le washing machine,’ ‘le weekend,’ or ‘le Big Mac’ and ‘the dépanneur,’ (or “dep” aka convenience store), (library) and so on in English ones. “I have to stop at the bibliothèque before picking you up at the dépanneur..est ce bien?’ Translation, ‘I have to stop at the library before picking you up at the 7/11 or insert any given small store…is that okay?’ Confusing to many..but we. franchised as we are..can’t seem to live without it.


  1. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Hi Di..welcome…am feeling all chipper again..thanks much. I thought your Memorial day post was insired..and I understood why. When one see’s the names of loved ones layed out like that it hits the heart.

    Thanks too for the heads up on the 3 of them..Baabs..Mik & Chuck have that funny bone’ vibe going on..put them all together and you’ve got a brand new way of life or at the very least..language. Actually you’re all pretty darn great.

    {nods head up & down}

  2. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    What happened Wis..I set a place for you with eggs..toast..cold milk & cats galore but you were a no show. I looked out the window and saw this women racing by at the speed of light..musta been you trying to get in on time…if anyone gave yo ua hrd time send em my way.


    Thanks much for the congrats Wisteria but it sucks hearing and knowing you and others still suffer with it. I so pray a cure is close…and it will be some day..sooner than later.

    Believe it and it shall be.

    Yes I was lucky.

    Ciao for now girl.

  3. wys Said:

    Before I go, I want some of those eggs and white toast and milk! I have to say — 0 viral load? Super congratulations to you!! I would give my right arm. I’m trying to get up the nerve to get back on the tx again soon. Want to wait for the protease inhibitors if I can, but….I can’t discuss it very good without boo-hooing. Hep C sucks.

    Bye girl. I really gotta go now! Shit I’m so late I’m gonna be in trouble!

  4. Di Said:

    Mary, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad you thought the memorial day posting was worth a comment.

    Watch out, when Babs and Michelino get together all heck breaks loose! 🙂 And throw Chuck in there and we are all in trouble.

    Hope you are feeling stronger soon.

  5. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    LOL@CHUCK..have you really tried PC’s sauces…that one in particular is to die for. It’s a brand made up here and if it’s not in the states it needs to be. Me thinks you would love it.

    Native languages have to be among the coolest..worry not if you’re having a bit of a time catching on..it’ll come..some are blessed with the ‘2nd, 3rd, 4th, language skill ‘gene. I’m not one of them either.

    Ciao 4 now

  6. Chuck Said:

    sorry, no habla le france’ i have to stick to butchering the enlaise, and i no talk it so gooder. i’m trying to learn a little cherokee, i’ts pretty hard and i’ts a very simple language. I’m wanting breakfast real bad and now i have to go out and find some President Choices ‘Memories of Thailand’ Fiery Chili Pepper Sauce for my chicken now, glad you’re doing better. oh-sday ig-kay (good day)

  7. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Oh merde I forgot ‘c’est très “cosy” ici!’ I dig the heck outta languages too especially from those who know how to use it for more than grammar, etc. It’s an ongoing exercise in originality. And I agree about the conservatives among us..B.O.R.I.N.G. Language when used for more than grammar, etc.. is a tool worth a tillion words. What is language if not a playground to us..its stars.

    But enough about me and on to you Monsieur Grenouille avec a blog..you a gifted teacher & comedian. Then again who wouldn’t be with the Baabs as inspiration (french lessons).

    Seriously I merci you both for making my sick days better and my better days sick
    (with laughter).

    Keep making laughter Mickelino!

  8. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Lol oh much older dear Baabs..much. Actually was trying to get year of the monkey to show without dating myself but that didn’t work. Snort snort. I be all of 49 and loving it..when unconcious or tripping the light fantastic..wait they’re tyhe same thing. Ah well ya know from where I cometh.

    True enough the Hep C can drag ass..was lucky enough to have finally tested 0 on the viral load after having the anti-bodies for well over 10 years. AM greatful for that. How are you doing with that Baabs…I hope the same for you girl. If not have you thought on the interferon treatment at all?

    Thanks for the post it made my day!

  9. Frog with a Blog Said:

    Hey Mary! Lovin’ this mix and match between English and French. I hate these conservative French bastards who want to preserve the authenticity of the French language. Language is organic, it’s alive and full of influences from every other language. So Vive le Big Mac, le weekend and the dépanneur! And I’m French so I’m allowed to say that.
    In France now you hear things like: oh c’est très “cosy” ici! or Cette femme est un véritable freak-show… I’m loving the sound of it.
    Glad you’re back and I’ll be visiting again.

  10. Babsbitchin Said:

    I couldn’t help notcing your age on your profile. Do you feel 85 too. My ass feels drug through the mud rode hard and put away wet with an occasional rinse and hang out to dry. At 47,I shouldn’t feel this shitty. Hep C doesn’t help but WTF! Thanks for the plug and glad you were amused. Hope every day is better!!

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