Where’s the ‘replacement’ tooth fairy

when you need him or her? Even at the height of my addiction I was always a stickler for my teeth and so…have no one to get mad at but myself for missing my last check-up.

Mad mad mad…yes.


I seem to have a toothache..eh gads..one would think that the relatively high dose of methadone I swallow every day would cover any pain I got from this..but like much else to do with opiates..this too is a fallacy. One builds a tolerance to opiates quickly and that includes methadone. This is why the prospect of an operation or medical procedure requiring pain monitering and meds scares so many drug users. Treatment (or oftentimes.. lack thereof) at many a medical institution by medical personal is somewhat bias when it comes to this. It would be one thing if it was just personal bias..but they’re also surprisingly uniformed. Thinking the need for specialised pain treatment in opiate addicts is unnecessary and or imaginary. How does this happen I wonder. In a profession where drug addiction in itself is higher than most..one would think there’d be some sympathy for the devil..but no..it’s actually the other way around. Let’s hope that’s changing.

The below was taken from ‘chapter 5 – Common Clinical Management Strategies,’ of the “Physicians Guide on Opioid Agonist Medical Maintenance Treatment.”

Pain Management. The pain management needs of a medical maintenance patient may differ from those of other patients. The routine methadone dose of a patient in medical maintenance does not offer any analgesia, and a patient’s opiate tolerance must be taken into account when managing acute or chronic pain. Opioid partial agonists are absolutely contraindicated in these patients.

Managing acute pain. Medical maintenance patients will be tolerant to the analgesic effects of methadone. Because of cross-tolerance between methadone and other opioids, these patients may sometimes require higher or more frequent doses of opioids than do other patients with similar pain (Payte and Khuri 1993, p.55). Patients in opioid agonist treatment who are experiencing acute pain, but who do not obtain adequate relief from non-opioid analgesics, need and deserve additional, short acting opioids – often in larger doses and/or at shorter intervals than patients who are not tolerant to opioids. The strategy would be to administer larger than usual short-term doses. These should be administered In addition to patients’ normal or regular dose of methadone (Kaufitnan and Woody [CSAT I 995b]).

Veered off subject for awhile there..my bad.

I thought cavities were a curse only played on the young (well not exclusively), and even less so these days with dental care being the way it is for those who can afford it and these new super toothpaste’s that promise forever protection no matter how many times a day you eat. Anyway it seems a little incognito back molar has been rotting away ever so slowy behind my back..at face. My faithful flossing regime didn’t help ward off this particular ‘wayward’ renagade tooth decay case either. I mean I talk to my teeth regularly..just like I do my plants..cats and significant other. Why I ask it..why? Did you not fancy the new 12 hour protection toothpaste..was it the rinse and polisher..did neighbouring teeth receive more attention…more strokes than you..what was it?


Apparently if the seal between your tooth enamel and the filling breaks down, little icky food particles..bacteria and whatnot will work their evil ways under the filling and mess you right up. Left untreated it can cause an abscess (OUCH). It began on the middle of this back tooth near the gumline. Can we salvage it..is it root canal time or will a filling do..and if it’s root canal time will there be enough tooth left after drilling and scraping to forgo a crown? But if a filling will suffice..what kind do I get? Do I get an alloy metal silver mix that contains mercury (experts say it’s still safe)…or do I go for a tooth-colored resin? The tooth-colored no doubt…and maybe I’ll go a little crazy and have the crown made some funky color..it’s way in the back after-all. Although after doing a little research on fillings in general..I came across something on Organic polymer (tooth-colored) resin fillings at ‘How Stuff works.’ It seems resin fillings like silver..are not without a downside  either. 

The following was taken from:


On the down side, they are more technique sensitive for the dentist to place, and are highly susceptible to decay in the future if placed improperly. They usually cost more than an amalgam, and recent research has shown that a by-product of some resin restorations called bisphenol-A may be estrogenic and increase the risk of breast cancer. Despite this research composite fillings are considered safe, and like the other dental filling materials, they are approved by the American Dental Association.

Decisons..decisions..decisions..questions..questions..questions…what’s a woman with a cavity to do.

Book an appointment.

Sing to the tune of ‘Mr Sandman.’

Tooth Fairy please send me a dream
the sweetest one that I’ve ever seen
do do do do
Filled with shiny new teeth & painless dentists
cause if you do I’ll give you a kiss.
la la la la

Yea I know..a poet I am not.

In any case it’s assuring to know should the need for a full set of dentures ever arise..I can always go the way of.

Billy Bob’s dentist


So many fine looks to choose from…it almost makes you want to have all your good teeth pulled.

Maybe next time.

Natural Tooth Pain Remedies

Speaking of folk remedies..try acupressure if you have a toothache. Press gently but firmly on the sides of either index finger opposite the base of the fingernail.

And to relieve jaw pain and spasms, toothaches or temporomandibular disorders, press this point, called the Jaw Chariot, located above the end of your jaw, on the side of your face that hurts.

Place two drops of clove essential oil on a sterile cotton ball; place the cotton ball against the aching tooth between the tooth and the cheek until the pain subsides.
Place a whole clove between the aching tooth and your cheek. It can be held in place by holding your finger on the outside of the cheek. Chew the cloves a little to release their juice, then leave them in place for half an hour or so or until the pain subsides.

Salt Combine two tablespoons of salt with one cup of boiling water; take a mouthful of water as hot as possible and slosh it around your mouth near the tooth; repeat as necessary.

Tea Suck on a teabag. Place it as close to the aching tooth as possible

The above courtesy of:

Health 911

a nifty (haven’t heard that one in a while I bet) little alternative medicine site.

Have a fine day folks..and always remember..to avoid this

and any run in’s with

Billy Bob’s dentist


Brush brush brush..and be kind to your teeth..each and every one.

Check out the new fangled Alpha Toothbrush here..odd looking creature isn’t it.


  1. Hey ya Chuck..you know I have a friend who swears by putting Anacin or Aspirin on a bad tooth and eventually it will deaden the nerve..I guess the Wild Turkey does the same kind of thing. Worth a try..and how cool is not ever having toothaches…very I’d say.

    I envy you..where’s the Wild Turkey..gobble gobble gobble. Here turkey turkey turkey.

  2. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    Hi Wys…I know..there are so many friends I too have laid to rest. Looking back is often very difficult..and then there’s the ‘Why me..’why am I still here?’ Or at least there was alot of that when I was younger.

    Today I feel our individual journies are supposed to be..not sure as to the why..but sinse we all have chances..time to rectify and learn from our errors..be it in this lifetime or another.

    Glad you’re looking after the teeth..not fair how some docotrs won’t treat the pain in addicts or ex addict..ridiculous even. Pain is pain is pain..they need to get a clue and start practicing medicine instead of judging. My tooth is doing fine now.

    Excellent to hear from you too..always glad to see your name at the top of a comment. Talk to you soon I hope. Until then be well and hope the days are fine ones.


  3. wys Said:

    There you are! I’m glad to see you (and sorry to hear about your toothache.) That was some great information you posted on opiate addiction. It’s an awful thing. I had a good friend who died in the 80’s from Percocet addiction. He was an artist. No one knew he was doing upwards of 50 per day just to maintain until after he as found dead. He had resorted to snorting them. Sad, sad. So sad and such a great loss.

    Anywhoooo 🙂 I was a “bad girl”, too, and stopped my regular 6 mo checkups with dentist. Couldn’t afford them anymore. When I went on the chemo for the hep, an underlying peridontal disease “flared up”, and good golly miss molly — I wanted someone to chop my head off to stop the pain 🙂 Because I had a history of drug addiction (I’m talking 20 years earlier -lol), my liver doc wouldn’t prescribe me any pain meds! I said NO WAY doc, come on — I ain’t gonna get strung out after all this time!! I finally got Darvocet (barf hehe), but I was still in pretty bad pain through all that dental work. I haven’t missed a dental appointment since. Pain is a great motivator.

    Good to see you! I’ll be wishing your tooth a quick recovery.


  4. Chuck Said:

    when i was young i had many a toothache, at first i would talk to god and then try and imagine what it was like to feel no pain, as soon as i could imagine it the pain was gone, this worked for years then one time i couldn’t do it, i think that’s when i grew up and my mind was no longer pure as a childs, so i held my mouth full of iced tea until it would warm up and then spit it out and take another mouth full, as soon as i couldn’t feel the tooth when the tea warmed it was over (this hurt like hell at first but the numbness takes over eventually) now when i have a tooth that starts to bother me, just as soon as i can feel it i brush real hard all around it then fill my mouth with Wild Turkey 101 and hold it until my mouth goes numb, this may take a few times but i’ve not been to a dentist other than cleanings in years. i have a bottle of Wild Turkey now, maybe a little preemptive tooth control is in order. the oil of clove thing works pretty well too. take care mary.

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