25peeps.com…again and a petition for my fellow Canadians

shabella.jpg 25peeps.com Yep I’m on there again…probably won’t stay up long with this one. Click away if you can..appreciate it. Bella the Dobie looks damn good doesn’t she.

Click here to get to the above picture at 25peeps..and thank you.

rememeranceday.gifNow on to a matter of a more serious nature regarding the last 3 living Canadian Veterans from the first World War. The Dominion Institute would like to see Prime Minister Stepen Harper offer a state funeral to the family of the last veteran.

If you think this is petition for a state funeral for Canada’s last great war Veteran is a good idea, you can sign the petition here:



What better way to honor and say thank you to these vets past and present. The petition will be sent to PM Stephen Harper.  

War Museum.


  1. Nick Said:

    Hmm I’m not Canadian so it’s not really my business.It’s a good idea in principle, but do you think it would be better to have a normal funeral and then shortly afterwards hold a really massive state memorial service for all the soldiers who fought and fell together in the fellowship of the trenches. I think they’d want it that way (although I’m sure they would understand the gesture of recognising them together in the last funeral too).The main thing is they SHOULD BE commemorated.What is the 25 persons thing? I keep hearing stuff about it.God bless and all the best for ’07

  2. Mary Blackchurch Said:

    You bet I will..and thanks.

  3. Jose Said:

    Voted for ya, will you vote for me? I’m the cool dude on the bike, I hope to stay there for at least a day.http://www.25peeps.com/r/2180

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