The 2006 Canadian Blog Awards

Voting has started for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. I’m nominated in one category..and that would be for my post ‘On Any Given Highway‘ in the ‘Best Blog Post,’ category. If you liked the can vote here once per day until Round One is complete. Once you get to the voting page you have to scroll down to the ‘Best Blog Post’ Category.

See what all this blogging does to a gal..I’ve never entered things like 25peeps before or been

nominated so I gots to get this competeing with my fellow man woman out of my system..hehe..still kinda fun though.

Even if I feel silly asking for help with it..I’m still on 25peeps

just barely though. The only reason me & Bella the Doberman are there at all is due to

you kind folks who take the time to wonder over there and click. Self-clicking is frowned

upon..grounds for disqualification even. Tsk tsk…where is their sense of fair-cheating.

Many thanks for your support.

Canadian Blog Awards


  1. Much appreciate your effort Floyd.

  2. Floyd Said:

    Hey they are over, wished I had ran into your post earlier, found you on blogmad.

  3. Floyd Said:

    Hey Mary I am going over to vote for you, that is a well written article of yours and I see a lot of that going on where I’m at.They are beautiful animals, I see this stuff every season and it seems to get worse not better.Good luck to you on the awards….

  4. mary Said:

    Thanks so much for your well wishes and a very blessed week-end to you too Lifefeathers. Me thinks Brad needs to put a little humor in his way too serious blog & life. mary-bc

  5. Have a Blessed Weekend

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