Will our kids be teaching their kids computer manners?

September 4, 2009 at 7:22 pm

By Rhonda Callow

What’s acceptable and what’s considered a faux pas when it comes to etiquette on the net?
Her face flushed with embarrassment, a mother grabs her daughter by the arm and pulls her away from her BlackBerry. With finger pointing, the mother scolds, “How many times do I have to tell you, do not tweet about what you had for dinner! It’s okay to Facebook it, but never use Twitter to announce what you’ve eaten, that is so rude!”

Seems a little far fetched and absurd, doesn’t it? But will conversations like the one above become commonplace and an everyday battle with future generations, as it is now for us to teach our children to chew with their mouth closed and to not fart in public?

In a recent article called ‘Don’t post that!’ Networking etiquette emerges, Barbara Ortutay says, “Making matters trickier, good etiquette on Facebook might not apply on Twitter or in an e-mail. These days, milestones like marriage, pregnancy, breakups and divorce are being described over more forms of communications than ever.”

Do you think there should be “rules” and order to how milestones are announced? For example, let’s say I found out I was pregnant. Once I let my husband, sister and dad know, am I free to Facebook it or do I still need to personally tell best friend #1 and best friend #2? If that’s the “rule”, wouldn’t that then hurt the feelings of best friend #3, as she would then know she wasn’t my #1 BFF, as she had thought? Do you think it’s acceptable to use social networks to announce various life events and achievements? If so, who do you need to tell in person and who can hear the news from their computer or cell phone? Who’s to say what’s okay and what isn’t?

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  1. There’s definately a lot to know about this issue. I love all the points you have made.

  2. zzeed Said:

    wow… profound. social studies need to improve the syllabus.

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