Gotta love talking cats-Or-What’s up with me anyway?

So those of you who read my blog (if you can call it that these days)..might recall my love of all things feline. I haven’t been posting on any regular basis and when I do manage to squeeze one’s not a result of any all out effort on my part. No..usually they’re half assed posts or ideas..often times borrowed or a run off on someone elses thoughts, etc. I’m sure I’m not unique when it comes to deserting said blog..leaving days, weeks or months even..between ones posts.

It’s funny how the urge to not write comes out of nowhere..comes many times when one is all pumped up and ready to write even. I suppose all bloggers go through stages of the blahs..of sitting down in front of the Webster link and whatnot on standby. Hands poised above keyboard..fingers fluttering in at the ready..and nothing..nada comes least nothing satisfy-able or printable does.

This past week I was struck with one of our modern day viruses (or I hope it’s a virus, and not prolonged nausea caused by some underlying problem). It came out of nowhere..some friends picked up two air-conditioners I no longer had use for. Right after they left I’d no sooner sat down to a cup of mocha java when this overwhelming urge to upchuck came over me. I never actually did (puke), but this waterlike spit (I know..yuck..but that’s what it was), came pouring out of my mouth. And so has been the rest of this week.

Yesterday I woke feeling better and thought..yay it’s gone, by late afternoon it made an appearance again, and this morning I still feel like woozy lou-lou. I can’t be pregnant..and I’m not on a boat so day 4 of this..and the mystery illness carries on. Getting my daily methadone in OJ down wasn’t & isn’t easy..the tatse just made me gag, so a hit of jazz calms my stomach a little and does what the ‘not going down methadone’ wasn’t doing. As such, this virus or whatever it is, has ixnayed any plans I had of trying to follow a methadone only regime.

For this week anyway.

Okay..back to the reason for this post or first title..since I’ve sort of covered the second title..that’s done with for now.

Click Here

Like I made my day, nausea and all.

Hope it makes yours..even a little bit.

Later people

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