What to do with all those left over garden veggies


Not quite sure what to do with all those left over fruits & veggies from your magnificant garden? I mean delicious and fresh as they are, we can only eat so many juicy tomatos and lucious salads right. Well fret no more Veggie Trader has come up with a fast and easy way to ring all proud gardners & fresh veggie/fruit wating Americans together.

How it works:

Using Veggie Trader is free, and as easy as 1,2,3. It works like a classified
ad. You post a listing describing the excess produce
you have and what you’d like in return, and then you wait for
a response…

Or, if you’re looking for local produce, you simply enter your
zipcode and see what your neighbors have available. You can
also post specific produce you’re looking for in our Wanted
section and see which of your neighbors answers your request.

Get started here —-> http://veggietrader.com/howitworks.php


  1. tracywc Said:

    Thanks for this post; that’s a great idea.

  2. B Said:

    That’s pretty neat! What an interesting idea.

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