Could you pass the citizenship test? Find out, right now.

CJAD am is a local radio station here in the diverse and interesting city of Montreal, Kim Fraser a local talk show host. She posted this yesterday and this blogger decided to test her knowledge of country. I’ll post my results did you do?

Could you pass the citizenship test? Find out, right now. Click here and test your chops. Or read below and take the test.

Posted By: Kim Fraser · 12/7/2010 6:34:00 AM

When it was revealed last week that the new immigration test introduced in March had a 30% failure rate, many Canadians felt that immigrants had been getting easy ride with the earlier test.

The new test includes 20 multiple choice questions that must be answered in 30 minutes.

But how well do you know your own country?
Here are 20 sample questions from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Could you pass this test?  You need 15 out of 20 to make it.
The answers are down below.  No cheating!


1. What are the three responsibilities of citizenship?

a) Being loyal to Canada, voting in elections, serving in the navy, army or air force.

b) Obeying the law, taking responsibility for oneself and one’s family, serving on a jury.

c). Learning both official languages, voting in elections, belonging to a union.

d) Buying Canadian products, owning your own business, using less water.

2. Name four fundamental freedoms that Canadians enjoy?

a) Freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of speech and of the press; freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of association.

b) Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of speech and of the press; freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of association; freedom of voting in elections.

c) Freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of speech and of the press; freedom of international travel.

d) Freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of speech and of the press; freedom of living anywhere in the country.

3. Name two key documents that contain our rights and freedoms.

a) The Constitution of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights.

b) The Canadian Charter of Rights and the Lawyer’s Handbook.

c) The Constitution of Canada and Discover Canada booklet.

d) Discover Canada booklet and Lawyer’s Handbook.

4. What is the meaning of the Remembrance Day poppy?

a) To remember our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II.

b) To celebrate Confederation.

c) To honour prime ministers who have died.

d) To remember the sacrifice of Canadians who have served or died in wars up to the present day.

5. How are Members of Parliament chosen?

a) They are appointed by the United Nations.

b) They are chosen by the provincial premiers.

c) They are elected by voters in their local constituency (riding).

d) They are elected by landowners and police chiefs.

6. Who is entitled to vote in Canadian Federal elections?

a) If you are 18 and a Permanent Resident.

b) Foreign workers, permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

c) Canadian citizens and international students in Canada.

d) Canadian citizens.

7. What does it mean to say that Canada is a constitutional monarchy?

a) Each provincial and territorial government has an elected legislature where provincial and territorial laws are passed.

b) Canada’s head of government is the prime minister who governs the country in accordance with the Constitution.

c) Canada’s head of state is a hereditary sovereign (king or queen) who reigns in accordance with the Constitution.

d) The Premier of each province reports directly to the king or queen reigns in accordance with the Constitution.

8. What does Confederation mean?

a) The birth of Canada on July 1 1867 is known as Confederation.

b) It’s when the first settlers came to Canada.

c) It’s when the Constitution of Canada was amended in 1982.

d) Newfoundland and Labrador joining Canada to complete the union.

9. Who were the founding peoples of Canada?

a) Aboriginal, Canadian and French.

b) Aboriginal, French and British.

c) French, British and American.

d) Aboriginal, British and American.

10. Who are the Métis?

a) The Metis are a distinct people of mixed Aboriginal and European ancestry.

b) The Metis are a people who live in scattered communities across the Arctic.

c) The Metis migrated from Asia many thousands of years ago.

d) The Metis came to Canada from Europe with settlers.

11. What does the word “Inuit” mean?

a) The People.

b) The Family

c) The Clan.

d) The Territory.

12. What did the Canadian Pacific Railway symbolize?

a) Superior technology.

b) Unity between the east and the west coast.

c). Coming together of British and American investors.

d) Years of heroic work.

13. Who was Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine?

a) He was a Canadian historian, professor, civil servant and diplomat.

b) He was the first head of a responsible government in Canada in 1849.

c) He was seventh prime minister of Canada from July 11 to October 5 1911.

d) He was a leading filmmaker and the first recipient of the Order of Canada.

14. What are the three branches of government?

a) Executive, legislative and judicial.

b) Municipal, provincial and federal.

c) Municipal, legislative and judicial.

d) Municipal, Provincial and Canadian.

15. In Canada, are you obliged to tell other people how you voted?

a) Yes.

b) No.

c) Depends on which province you are in.

b) Depends on who you voted for.

16. After a federal election, which party forms the government?

a) The party with the most seats in the House of Commons.

b) The party with the most seats in the UN.

c) The party with the most seats at Queen’s Park.

d) The party that has 15 elected MPs and 12 Senators.

17. What is the capital of the province or territory that you live in?

a) Greater Toronto Area.

b) Ottawa.

c) London.

d) Toronto.

18. What provinces are sometimes referred to as the Atlantic Provinces?

a) Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

b) Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec.

c) Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

d) Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.

19. What is the highest honour that Canadians can receive?

a) Order of British Empire.

b) The Purple Cross.

c) Much Music Award.

d) The Order of Canada.

20. Name two Canadian symbols.

a) The Maple Leaf and the Canadian Flag.

b) The Canadian Flag and the Leafs.

c) The Leafs and the Canadian Crown.

d) The Beaver and the Bluenose.



2. a.

3. a.

4. d.

5. c.

6. d.

7. c.

8. a.

9. b.

10. a.

11. a.

12. b.

13. b.

14. a.

15. b.

16. a.

17. d.

18. c.

19. d.

20. a.



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    Fucking hell Mary it’s been a year… wherever the hell you are I hope the conditions are nice. Or tolerable. Come back!!

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    Mary what the fuck have you been up to? How’ve you been? What’s going on? RSVP please 😉

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    With speedball wings, romantic flings or coke lines all in a row…?

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  4. Gledwood Said:

    O fucking hell Mary confuse us all why don’t you with quersions questions questions. I should be able to live in Canada, I’m British. Britain has the same head of state, the Queen. Ergo I’m allowed to live in Canada. Well that’s how I see it. There’s a British citizenship test too. It would probably be similar but not so confusingly worded. The sort of questions no average British person could answer. I think it’s more similar to the American one in that you’re expected to know about shit like sport even though who gives a fuck about sport basically? I don’t.

    Anyway where have you been? I never forgot about you you know. Last time I came round it was YEARS ago but you’d vanished off the face of the planet. I thought you were in prison.

    Well I’m off heroin at last. On methadone though. Fucking stuff. I hate it. I feel dire on it. The fact that I had a literal psychotic episode as i switched over just about says everything about methadone. I’m hammering the clinic for some other drug. Like medicinal heroin. In the new year. Fuck ’em. They give it to cancer patients. I feel ill. Give it to me.

    I don’t have no hamsters now. I would like to get a tubby wheel-rambling fur-ball but am determined to clear my scruffy home out first.

    So that’s me. I won’t ask a load of stupid questions about how you are when I can just read down your blog. I’ll only ask if I can’t find the answers to my musing.

    Not knowing whether you really are OK I’ll say I hope you are OK and I’ll see ya later. Drop round. My blog isn’t as boring as it once was. It’s more drugs drugs drugs and akh my tangled miserable life aaaarrgh confessional with the odd article about… DRUGS… and musings on not taking… DRUGS. But less of the furry animals now. Anyway L8R


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