Someone to Watch Over Me ~ Amy Winehouse

Her spectacular vocal gift..a sort of culmination of other notable talents  who came before her and were silenced too early. The genius that was Amy Winehouse seemed to embrace parts  of these accomplished artists, the result..a rich, sultry, unique voice, colored here and there with dashes of  a quirkiness  that dared us to turn our ears off and hearts on. Is it any wonder then, when she first opened her mouth and sang on a world stage we were taken aback by it’s power,  impressive proportions and most original delivery.  In her grandest her most sorrowful, in your face moments..Amy compelled us to watch her, to hear her..and above embrace her.

Looking away just wasn’t an option when it came to Amy winehouse.

I wish she weren’t dead to this world, I wish she had lived long enough to hold a child of her making, I wish she had sung a century’s worth of experience, and maybe she did, maybe..she did just that.

I sense this little lady continues on elsewhere, call it what you will, but energy like that goes a long way for a long long time.

Rest easy Miss Amy

And thank you.

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  1. great late night song.. great lady!!!!

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